Term of Service
In order to use the service provided by GW Auctions you must understand, agree to and abide by the GW Auctions Terms of Service. By using the service you agree to have read, understood and accepted these terms.

These terms can change over the course of time. When this happens, the updated version of the terms are binding. Check the site updates regularly to see when these terms are updated.

Term of Service

Limitation of Service
  1. You agree not to trade anything but in-game items on this site. You agree not to trade those items for anything but other in-game items or gold.
  2. You agree not to express any racial, (anti)religious, sexual, political or otherwise offending statements anywhere on this site. This includes but is not limited to your account name, in-game name, comments, shouts, your avatar and the message service provided by GW Auctions.
  3. You agree not to make statements for or claim affiliation with the GW Auctions staff.
  4. You agree to limit your comments, shouts and other forms of public communication on this site to English.
  5. You agree not to advertise using this site.
  6. You agree not to impersonate a member of the GW Auctions staff in any way. This includes but is not limited to similar account names, in-game names and avatars.
  7. You agree to provide a valid email address and in-game name with your profile information. An email or in-game name is not valid unless it belongs to you.
  8. You agree to have one account only.
  9. You agree not to bid on auctions for the purpose of making them popular.
  10. You agree to reserve the items you put on GW Auctions in-game and sell it only to the winner of the auction for the agreed price. An auction is won by the highest bidder at the time the auction closes. The agreed price is the highest bid at that time.
  11. You agree to buy all items on which you placed the winning bid. You agree to pay that winning bid.
  12. You agree to mark all auctions as sold in-game when you have sold the item(s) to the winner of your auction.
  13. You agree to mark all auctions as bought in-game when you have bought the item(s) from owner of the auction in question.
  14. You agree to abide by the Guild Wars User Agreement and Guild Wars Rules of Conduct while using this service.
  15. You agree to make sure your auctions look like an exact replica of the in-game item you are selling.
  16. You agree you will not attempt to modify the GW Auctions database by any means other than regular use of this service. You understand legal action will be taken against you if you do.
  17. You agree that you will not lie or distort the truth when submitting reports to the GW Auctions staff.
  18. You understand that failing to abide by these terms will result in action against your account. This can vary from warnings to permanent IP bans and legal action depending on the severity of the breach.
  19. You understand that your GW Auctions account is the property of GW Auctions. You understand that you have no legal right over it.
  20. You understand that the GW Auctions staff can discontinue your account at any time for any reason if deemed necessary.
  21. You agree to receive email messages from this site and it's staff.

Limitation of Liability
  • Any harm caused to you or your computer by use of the GW Auctions service is at your own risk. However, there is no spyware, virus or other malware added to GW Auctions by the webmaster.
  • The GW Auctions staff can not control the content of external links, therefor we are not responsible for any damage or harm caused when you leave this site. We will remove dangerous links as soon as possible. Links on external pages are not under our control and can not be removed by the GW Auctions staff.

Privacy Policy

  • No personal data will be recorded by GW Auctions. Only your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse.
  • GW Auctions may place a "cookie" on your computer in order to make the use of GW Auctions easier. This cookie is required for the log-in functionality of GW Auctions, and may be used for other technical reasons.
  • You will not be emailed by this service for service-unrelated issues/events.
  • Your personal information will not be given to third parties with a few exceptions:
    • Should we feel the need to take legal action against you, your information may be made public.
    • If you break the Guild Wars Rules of Conduct or User Agreement using this service, your information will be reported to ArenaNet.
    • Serious abuse of this site may lead to your information being reported to other sites providing simillar services.
  • Your personal information is your IP address and email address. Other profile information is considered public and can be viewed by other visitors. You can choose to hide your in-game name from guests.
  • Your password is stored encrypted (hashed) and can not be recovered by anyone. It is not considered profile information and can not be shared.
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