So I won/sold and item. Now what?

It's time to trade the item in-game. You should use the site's message system to make an appointment to agree on a date and time to meet in-game. Make sure to go to the same district, and watch time zones! While it might be 18:00 in your country, it could very well be midnight somewhere else.

Every character (except pre-searing characters) can visit the Great Temple of Balthazar, regardless of what campaign he or she owns. That makes it a good place to meet.

When you made an arrangement, and you trade in-game, make sure you don't get scammed! Never accept weird items you don't know. They could be useless. Only trade for other items if you know what you're doing. And never agree to receive payment later. If someone says he has to farm first, let him farm and wait until he can pay you before you give the item. A detailed list of common scams can be found here:

When you successfully traded the item in-game, don't forget to let the site know. See "How do I mark an item as traded in-game?" for more information on that subject.

When an item has been sold for a week, but not traded in-game, seller and buyer will be reminded of the auction. When it has been sold for two weeks, bid data will be removed and the auction can be relisted. If nothing is done with the auction for another week, it will be removed.

If you are trying to trade an item for more than 100k, be careful. A person can only carry 100k at any time, but don't accept a partial payment, and don't pay a part before you get the item. Use other items to make up for the part over 100k. Popular items are "Glob of Ectoplasm" and "Obsidian Shard" because of their high value. A seller can set transfer prices for those items when he/she creates the auction.

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