What title you have depends on two factors. The amount of total transactions you made and the ratio between sales and purchases.

A transaction only counts if both parties marked the item as traded in-game.

The titles are:

Transactions: 33% more sales than purchases: 33% more purchases than sales: Roughly the same:
Under 10 Junior Merchant Junior Merchant Junior Merchant
10 Vendor Customer Auctioneer
25 Experienced Vendor Experienced Customer Experienced Auctioneer
50 Senior Vendor Senior Customer Senior Auctioneer
100 Expert Vendor Expert Customer Expert Auctioneer
200 Master Vendor Master Customer Master Auctioneer
300 Grandmaster Vendor Grandmaster Customer Grandmaster Auctioneer
400 Ascended Vendor Ascended Customer Ascended Auctioneer
500 Legendary Vendor Legendary Customer Legendary Auctioneer
700 Source of Goods Not Too Greedy Jack of all Trades
1000 Seller of All Connoisseur of Goods The Great Auctioneer
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