What is the search syntax?

The search syntax is used for searching auctions, searching the price records and the wishlist. It is the grammar of a search query.

If you type a couple of words, all those words have to match but not necessarily in the order that you typed them. To make sure the order of the words is respected, put them between double quotes. For example, if you type Energy +5, an item with Armor +5 and Energy -10 would match. If you type "Energy +5", only items with Energy +5 are matched.

In some cases it can be useful to search for words NOT occurring in a field. For example when you want to search for undedicated miniatures. In this case you can negate a word by adding an exclamation mark in front of it like this: !dedicated. You can also negate quoted strings. Place the exclamation mark before the opening quote like this: !"Dedicated at Hall of Monuments" and NOT within the quotes like this: "!Dedicated at Hall of Monuments". The latter will not work. "Dedicated !at" is invalid too and would likely never match anything.

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