What are all the search options?

GW Auctions has a very effective way to search auctions. You can search for any property you want an item to have. All words you type will have to match, but the order of the words is ignored. However, if you want to search for a sentence or just a combination of words, you can put double quotes ("") around the text. For example: "Energy +5". If you leave the quotes out, anything with an energy mod and +5 in it will be shown. It wouldn't necessarily have to be in the same mod. By putting quotes around it, it will only show items that actually give +5 energy. Also see "Search syntax"

You can also search for items of a specific colour (white, blue, purple, gold and green). To do this, simply select the colour from the drop-down menu labeled "Colour".

You can also search on item type. For example: Swords or Daggers, but also all weapons. Or Hornbows or Flatbows, but also just Bows. Note that searching for weapons will also return off-hands, like Shields and Focus Items.

The last search option worth mentioning is the "Seller" option. It allows you to list all items from one seller (with additional conditions if you fill in any other options). It only returns items from the exact person you fill in. Searching for items sold by Bo will not show items sold by Bob, Boster or Arbo.

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