How do I browse the search results?

When you clicked search, you will see a list of items that match the criteria you searched for. You will see a replica of what the item would look like in your inventory, who is offering the item, the current (or opening) bid and the buyout, if there is one. You can also see the number of bids and the number of comments made on the auction, the date the auction was listed and how much time there's left to bid on the item. If there are more than 10 auctions that match your criteria, they will be split into multiple pages.

When you hover your mouse over an item, you will see a screenshot (if submitted) and a short note the seller gave. If you want to bid on an item, click on it. For more information on that subject, see "Making a bid".

After performing a search, the search options won't be visible unless there were no results. They will be hidden to make it easier to browse the items. To show the search options, you can click on the plus sign in the top-right corner. Alternatively you can hide the search options by clicking on the minus sign at the same place.

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