So how do I make a bid?

To make a bid on an item, you first have to go to the item page. If you searched and found an item you like, click on the item preview. You will go to the item page with more detailed information and an option to bid on the item. You simply put in the amount of gold you want to offer. Do note that any bid has to be at least 5% higher than the previous bid. When you made a bid on an item it will be automatically tracked.

In addition to placing a normal bid, you can also place a maximum bid with it. Whenever you get outbid and the new bid is lower or equal to your maximum bid, the site will automatically place a bid on your behalf. This bid will be 5% higher than the last bid, but never more than your maximum bid.
You can't place a maximum bid that equals or exceeds the buyout. Your normal bid will be raised to the buyout if you do.
When you have the bid on an auction, you can adjust your maximum bid by placing a new maximum bid without specifying a regular bid.
These types of bids are also known as proxy bids.

Once a bid has been made on an auction, the seller can choose to accept the bid, or to let the auction run until it expires. Note once the auction expires, the highest bid will be accepted automatically. So even though the seller never clicks on a button to accept the bid, he has to sell the item to the highest bidder. If an auction expires without any bids on it, the seller can choose to relist the auction or to remove it from the system.

By bidding on an auction at GW Auctions you dismiss the right to not buy the item if you win.

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