Adding an auction (classic)

This is a step wise explanation how to place an auction.

  • Lets take an item:
    Vampiric Storm Bow of Defense
    Piercing Dmg: 15-28 (Requires 11 Marksmanship)
    Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%)
    Armor +5
    Life stealing: 5
    Health regeneration -1
    Two-handed Longbow
  • Now as an example of how its filled in:

  • This is how you fill it in.

  1. First you fill in the name.
  2. Now you look what the colour of the item is.
  3. Then you fill in the sort of the item. For bows, you can see this at the bottom of the item. Like: "Two-handed Longbow". Then you know it's a Longbow.
  4. Here you can add a screenshot to your auction. This is optional. If you don't add a screenshot you can add one from the screenshot library after you clicked "Create auction".
  5. This is where you fill in the items statistics.
    • You start with the colour. For text in white you select "White". For text in blue, purple, gold or green, select "Coloured". And if the text is grey, you select "Grey".
    • Now you have to fill in the first part of the text in the field named "Effect". For example "Damage +15%"
    • Then you must fill in the second part, if there is one. This is the grey text after the actual effect. For example "(while Health is above 50%)".
    • If you need more lines, simply click "Add an effect / description".
    • If there are to many, delete the unused lines by clicking "Delete" next to it.
  6. This option determines how long the auction will run. After the auction closed, you can relist it if it didn't sell.
  7. Here you fill in the opening bid of the item, and the buyout (optional). If someone bids the buyout, it's immediately sold. Make sure you are willing to sell the item for the opening bid.
  8. Here you can fill out the amount of gold one Glob of Ectoplasm or Obsidian Shard can replace.
  9. The last option allows you to write a short message that will be shown with the auction. You can say why people should buy it, or anything else.

Now that you filled in all information correct, click on Submit. You will see a preview of the auction and you will be asked if it's correct. If it is, press "Yes, this is exactly the item in my inventory". If it's not, don't worry, press "No, let me correct some mistakes". All field will be exactly as they were when you pressed submit.

Saving/loading auctions:
You may also have noticed the buttons "Make backup" and "Load backup". The first button, "Make backup", stores all information you entered into the form to a cookie on your computer. If you visit the site later you can press the second button "Load backup", and the form will be restored to what it was when you pressed "Make backup". This can be good to prevent data loss or to add multiple of the same items. This will not work if your browser doesn't accept cookies. If cookies are cleaned, this information is also cleaned.

The buttons "Load information from code" and "Generate code" do something similar, but not the same. When you press "Generate code", the field next to it will be filled with a code. When you enter that code later and press "Load information from code", the form will restore to the way it was when you generated the code.

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