Maarten - Founder & Programmer
I'm the founder and programmer of GW Auctions.
I got the idea when I wanted to sell some items, and I couldn't reach Guru. When I finaly managed to get on the site, I didn't like what I saw.

I figured I could do better. And now that the site is working, I think I did

Iain (Bearz) - Moderator
I am a moderator for GW Auctions.

My role is to support Sellers to keep their auctions correct, make helpful suggestions and help both Sellers and their Customers make the most out of using GW Auctions.

I joined GW Auctions in December 2007, liked what I saw and have been buying and selling via this site ever since. I am delighted to be a part of GW Auctions and intend to help make it the best site there is for buying and selling GW items.

AnnaLiese (EvilStepQueen) - Moderator
I'm the newest moderator on GWAuctions. I'm here to assist Maarten, Bearz, and Soqed with helpful suggestion making, answering Seller/Customer questions, correcting auctions, and generally helping everyone have a great GW Auctions experience!

I started playing Guild Wars in '07 and have been a faithful customer of GW Auctions since '08. I am excited to be included in this site and hope to share my excitement with others

Christopher (Wombat) - Moderator
I'm the next moderator on GW Auctions. I'm here to assist Maarten, Soqed, Bearz, and EvilStepQueen with helpful suggestion making, answering Seller/Customer questions, correcting auctions, and generally helping everyone have a great GW Auctions experience!

As I have made some mistakes my self I will try to be easy on you. Find me online in Guild Wars every evening (in-game name: Wombat The One) if you need to talk or email me on

Renata (Rnaat) - Moderator
I'm the most recent added moderator to GW Auctions. I'm here to assist the current staff on answering seller/customer questions, correcting auctions, and helping out wherever I can.

I started playing Guild Wars around 2008 and have been a user of GW Auctions since 2009.
If you have any questions you can always contact me through GW Auctions or ingame during the weekends and on Mondays (me not working day ) On my char’s Angry Kidney Stone or Princess Rnaat.

Have fun gaming and enjoy GW auctions.

Michelle - Moderator
Hello all! I am Michelle, a new addition to the GWA Staff. I am excited to have been asked to help out. I got hooked on Guild Wars three years ago watching my Husband play and started playing with him. My main Avatar is Princess Friday, and you can usually find me in-game or trading on GWA during some part of the day or night as time and life allows. I hope you find me as fair, friendly and honest as those who have played and traded with me. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions!

Tom (Soqed Hozi) - Moderator
I'm a moderator and tester here on GW Auctions.
My job is largely to keep the auctions correct, make suggestions, and to find and report bugs.

As an officer in the same guild as Maarten I have been here on the site since the begining. I liked what I saw, and having had problems with how other auction sites run (or more accurately, don't run) I was very interested in helping to make the site the best auction site for Guild Wars that there is.

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