February 25 2010:
  • Added the Miniature Celestial Tiger, Smite Crawler and Dhuum to the quicklist.

February 24 2010:
  • Fixed limiting your tracked auctions to lost auctions.

February 8 2010:
  • You can now mark messages read/unread from your inbox and from the message.

Januray 22 2010:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sorting tracked auctions on the seller.

Januray 16 2010:
  • When sorting auctions on state in "My tracks" and "My auctions", auctions are sorted on time left secondly now.

Januray 13 2010:
  • You can now delete comments on your auctions and comments you placed without the intervention of a staff member.

Januray 6 2010:
  • Users on your ignore list can no longer comment on your auctions, nor can you comment on their's.

November 18 2009:
  • Added two items to the Terms of Service.

November 7 2009:
  • Added multiple new messages to the bid history.

August 12 2009:
  • You can now preview messages before sending them.

August 6 2009:
  • Added 4th year miniatures to the quicklist.

July 28 2009:
  • Fixed a bug that caused your selected types to be lost when browsing the wishlists.
  • The ignore list now also prevents users from messaging you.

July 23 2009:
  • Performed some security upgrades.

July 21 2009:
  • Your bid cap is now IP based on the bid history. It is now both account and IP based.

July 19 2009:
  • Added some missing items to the Quicklist. Mainly item's from Nicholas the Traveler.

July 18 2009:
  • Added a link to register an account at the login page.

July 16 2009:
  • Fixed a problem that broke the automatic server refresh.

March 3 2009:
  • If your login fails due to a browser setting, you will now be notified after login.

April 7 2009:
  • Renamed "Upgrade components" to "Weapon upgrades" to make the difference with runes, insignias and inscriptions more clear.

April 2 2009:
  • The shoutbox will now scale along with your viewport, but never smaller than the previous size.

April 1 2009:
  • Added some hover/focus effects to the input fields on the site.

March 30 2009:
  • If you bid 10 times more than the previous bid (or opening bid) you will receive an extra warning when asked to confirm your bid.

March 28 2009:
  • Auctions that you lost are no longer untracked. They remain in your track list with the state "Lost".
  • You can now track auctions even if they are already sold. They will have the state "Lost".

March 26 2009:
  • Added a count down to the next time you can vote.

March 24 2009:
  • When your bid exceeds your maximum bid, the site will present you with an error message instead of raising the maximum bid to the bid.
  • When your bid exceeds the buyout, the site will present you with an error message instead of buying out the item.
  • When your maximum bid equals or exceeds the buyout, the site will present you with an error message instead of buying out the item.

March 22 2009:
  • Compiled a new screenshot library from scratch.

March 21 2009:
  • Added consumables (inclduding alcohol, tonics and summoning stones as well as the "normal" consumables) to the Quicklist.
  • Added most consumables to the screenshot library.
  • Auto correction now forces one of three types (Upgrade component, Inscription or Insignia) when an item contains the line "Upgrade component".

March 18 2009:
  • Did some major internal re-designing. Be sure to report any strange behaviour.
  • Modifed the search syntax. To negate a quoted string the exclamation mark has to be placed in front of the opening quote instead of right after it. Example: !"Dedicated at Hall of Monuments". Not "!Dedicated at Hall of Monuments" (old syntax).

March 17 2009:
  • Finished the last database manipulating form. It should no longer be possible to send the same information twice by using the back/forward buttons of your browser.

March 16 2009:
  • Started updates preventing forms being sent twice. All database manipulating forms will be upgraded one at a time.

March 13 2009:
  • Important: updated the Terms of Service. The content hasn't changed, they have only been rewritten in a more official looking way.

March 10 2009:
  • Added an internal BB Code to create block-level links. In effect, item representation in automated messages now link to the item in standards compliant browsers.
  • Added a large (but incomplete) collection of Miniatures to the screenshot library. See the forum for a full list (Suggestions -> [Sticky] Wanted screenshots).
  • Auto correction: Replaces double white spaces by a single white space.
  • Auto correction: If the effect contains an opening bracket and the effect description is empty, the part of the effect starting from the last occuring opening bracket is moved to the effect description.
  • Auto correction: Joins the effect and effect description if the line colour is gray and places the joined string in the effect field.
  • Auto correction: Moves the effect description to the effect and changes the line colour to gray if the effect was empty.

March 9 2009:
  • You can now also delete items with the status "Traded in-game" from the "My auctions" list.

March 7 2009:
  • Every wishlist entry now has a link next to it "Search auctions". Clicking this link will search currently running auctions with the search paramaters from the wishlist entry.
  • The memberlist now shows a user's title.

March 1 2009:
  • Corrected/added multiple items in the Quicklist.
  • The period is now a legal character in the item's name (it is used in at least one inscription).

March 1 2009:
  • Reverted back to the old auto-complete system due to strange behaviour in Internet Explorer 7.

February 28 2009:
  • Improved the auto completion. The patterns can now span multiple lines and change the colour of a line. Some patterns have been extended already, others are yet to follow.

February 25 2009:
  • Added all crafting materials to the Quicklist and the screenshot library.
  • Upgraded some automated messages to use the [gold] BB Code instead of the old text representation.

February 20 2009:
  • The "My tracks" page now shows how much gold is required to buy the items you won.

February 19 2009:
  • Moderators can now choose to have an automated message sent to you when they correct one of your auctions.

February 18 2009:
  • Added a parser for BB Codes in html emails.
  • Pimped the "New Auction" notification with BB Codes.

February 12 2009:
  • After submitting a form, all submit buttons are disabled to prevent sending the same data twice.

February 10 2009:
  • Added British spelling for BB Codes.
  • Added the [gold] BB Code.
  • Updated the help section on BB Codes.
  • In-game names are now shown in a serif font to clearly show the difference between "vv" and "w".
  • Changed the title "God Trading Amongst Mere Mortals" to "The Great Auctioneer". It was too long.

February 6 2009:
  • When you place a maximum bid that equals or exceeds the buyout of an auction, your bid is raised to the buyout. You are warned of this when you have to confirm your bid.
  • Fixed a bug where you were directed to instead of after deleting a message from the outbox.

January 31 2008:
  • Profile pages and "send message" links no longer open in a new window or tab.
  • Profile pages now show the menu, logo and shoutbox.

January 30 2008:
  • Updated the help section for maximum bids.
  • All minimum bid increments are rounded to the next 5g. This includes bids placed by the proxy bids.

January 29 2008:
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Added a button "Generate item code" in addition to "Generate auction code" at the auction creation/editing pages.

January 28 2008:
  • Proxy bidding added.
  • Delayed closing removed in favor of proxy bidding.

January 26 2008:
  • Major rewrite on the database communication module.
  • Added BB code support. Visit the help section for a list of BB Codes.

January 24 2008:
  • Added 3 new titles available when you reach 1000 transactions.
  • Added a warning when accepting bids on auctions with multiple probably still interested buyers.
  • Added online indicators at multiple places.
  • Fixed a typographical error at the "My auctions"page.

January 20 2008:
  • Fixed a typographical error at the auction creation page.
  • Finally removed Christmas decoration.

January 16 2008:
  • Fixed a rare bug alowing one to bid on an auction while it was in negative time.

December 21 2008:
  • Fixed a bug where "wiki." was parsed as an URL to "http://wiki.".

December 12 2008:
  • If someone is in vacation mode, the notification on the profile page is now shown in red to stand out more.
  • Added an option to hide your in-game name from unregistered user.

December 8 2008:
  • The first bid on an auction will no longer extend the auction. All consecutive bids in the last three hours of an auction still extend the auction, unless you were out-bidding yourself.
  • You can choose whether or not to receive messages for bids placed after the first bid.

December 7 2008:
  • You now no longer receive any messages for bids placed on your auctions after the first bid.

December 6 2008:
  • Auto correction always changed "While" into "while", regardless of the context. Now, it is only corrected if "While" is the first word of a line and if it is succeeded by at least one but at most 5 words.

November 14 2008:
  • Fixed two issues caused by the improved auto correction. One minor and one major.

November 12 2008:
  • Added two missing unique weapons to the quicklist.
  • Improved auto correction. It now recognizes long descriptions and does not capitalize the first letter on the next line if you split the description amongst multiple lines. It now also correctly joins the effect and the effect-description if you split your description amongst those fields. Do note that both are inadvisable even though it now looks correct. Searching for text between quotation marks will not generate a match if the text is split over multiple lines or fields.

November 7 2008:
  • Fixed a minor display issue on the profile page when using IE7. IE7 ignored the width of cells.

November 4 2008:
  • Added an ignore list. Users on this list can not bid on your auctions. They can send you messages.

Oktober 19 2008:
  • Fixed an annoying display issue where Internet Explorer used way to much space for the type selection box when searching auctions, wishlists or price records.

Oktober 15 2008:
  • Added a secondary sort to all sortable lists to prevent random placement across pages when all other sort criterea are equal.

Oktober 10 2008:
  • Removed the Obsidian Shard exchange-rate field, and added one for Zaishen Keys instead.

Oktober 6 2008:
  • Changed some links in the menu for consistent use of upper an lower-case.

Oktober 5 2008:
  • When editing auctions, you will no longer be prompted with the screenshot library if the auction already has a screenshot. However, you can still select a screenshot from the library manually.
  • When editing auctions, you can now remove the existing screenshot.

Oktober 4 2008:
  • Changed the amount of items allowed to be traded by a user before the other party is not automatically given credit for auctions to 5 instead of 2.

September 21 2008:
  • Improved screenshot library to show what screenshot is selected after closing the popup.
  • Bid history now also shows what the opening bid was.

September 17 2008:
  • Reduced the maximum amount of character on an effect line in item images. It no longer corresponds to the in-game maximum, but it helps preserve the layout.
  • Automatic case correction no longer corrects partial words. For example "instance" is no longer changed to "inStance".

September 16 2008:
  • It will now show up in the bid history when a bid has been cleared automatically.
  • Changed the profile field "Anything" to "Personal message".

September 11 2008:
  • Fixed sorting on vendor / bidder in "Tracked auctions".

September 10 2008:
  • Added the option to mass delete auctions. Can be accessed from "My auctions".

September 9 2008:
  • Added the option to suspend auctions. Can be accessed from the item's page or "My auctions".

September 8 2008:
  • Moved the screenshot library to a "popup" when adding / editing auctions.
  • You can no longer add items called "Item's Name".

September 7 2008:
  • Auto-correction no longer appends "Two-handed" below "Costumized for ...".

September 4 2008:
  • You can now choose to add screenshots from the screenshot library in the first auction adding / editing page, as well as the second.

September 3 2008:
  • Fixed a problem with the modern item editor and editing green scythes.

September 2 2008:
  • Added a "Forward" link to the message page.
  • When replying or forwarding, the old message will be included.

September 1 2008:
  • Price record data was based on the information of one page. Fixed.
  • Price record now also show the single price.
  • Two-handed weapons will now automatically add the correct line if missing.
  • Non-unique martial weapons with an elemental damage type mod will automatically correct the colour of the damage line.

August 31 2008:
  • Fixed a bug where quick search was not carried over after switching pages.

August 30 2008:
  • Added a quick search bar in the menu.
  • Price records now show a preview of the item when you hover over them.

August 29 2008:
  • "My auctions" is now searchable.
  • Fixed a minor issue where a tooltip could be partly offscreen due to an image not being loaded yet.

August 28 2008:
  • You are no longer notified of auctions matching your wishlist if you were the one who added the auction.
  • Added a tooltip to the donate button showing the email address for donations.

August 27 2008:
  • New avatars will now get a random suffix to make sure a browser doesn't use the old cached avatar (this was already done with auction images).
  • Implemented the same cache control (a random suffix after each upload) for auction screenshots.
  • Fixed a problem when searching for "Weapons / Offhand" or "Bows" caused by the update of 21 August.
  • Price records are now shown in pages of 50 each.
  • Added an option to the user settings to delete your current avatar.
  • Fixed annoying behaviour when typing double spaces in any item editor.
  • Increased the allowed characters in the modern auction editor to 140 per effect/description.

August 26 2008:
  • Added a public member list. Only accessible to members.
  • Added amount of auctions and total gold in the past 31 days to the homepage.

August 25 2008:
  • You are only asked to mark an item as traded in-game now if you haven't done so within 30 to 89 minutes after the other party did.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting the separators in the item type list when searching auctions, price records or wishlists.

August 22 2008:
  • Replaced the wishlist field "Seller's Note" by a new field "Note", which is just a text message for people using the wishlist browser.
  • Added a "Sell identical item" button to the auction page.
  • Added a "Clone auction" button to the auction page for the owner of the auction.

August 21 2008:
  • You can now search for multiple colors or types at once.
  • Added a donate button at the bottom of every page.

August 20 2008:
  • At the bottom of an auction you can now find the auction codes. One for the item alone and one for the item, the opening bid, buyout etc. Click the code to select it. You can use these codes to add an identical auction.
  • Changed "Armor penetration +[...]" to "Armor penetration +[...]%" in the auto complete list (press F5 if it doesn't show).
  • Added missing quicklist item: Durgon's Maul.

August 19 2008:
  • Fixed spelling of the title "Not Too Greedy".

August 18 2008:
  • Fixed the position of the shoutbox for IE6.
  • Added a dynamic emoticon window for the shoutbox.

August 17 2008:
  • Little note added to the wishlisht.
  • Renamed the wishlist colour option "All" to "Any" to better match the rest of the site.
  • Extended Hall of Fame to 10 places.
  • Fixed spelling of "Requires" for scythes in the quicklist.
  • Fixed spelling of "address" at the user settings.

July 29 2008:
  • Flood control showed slightly strange behaviour when sending messages. Fixed.
  • Added Cyndr's Edge and Ettin Club to the Quicklist.

July 28 2008:
  • Merged the buyout and current bid column to allow a minimum resolution of 1024*768.
  • Changed the state sorting in "My tracks" to show expired auctions after open auctions.
  • Dynamic sigantures will also give the code in HTML, not just in BB code.

July 23 2008:
  • The comma is now allowed in effects and effect-descriptions.
  • Added a filter to the shoutbox to prevent excessive use of capital letters.

July 22 2008:
  • "Notes" is now a sortable column in the auction search result.
  • Browsing auctions by day added didn't respect the DST setting. Fixed.
  • Removed a number of useless tables slowing down the render speed in IE7.

July 21 2008:
  • Added a time display to the shoutbox.

July 20 2008:
  • Added Bearz to the Staff & Contact page.

July 19 2008:
  • The feedback page now shows 50 items per page instead of all feedback.

July 18 2008:
  • Both item editors now automatically remove [ and ] characters from the template if the user forgets to do so.

July 17 2008:
  • Fixed inserting smilies. In both IE and FF smilies will now appear the the caret position and set the caret at the end of the smilie.
  • Vacation mode added. See this for more information.

July 15 2008:
  • Fixed any and all possible bugs concerning special characters in tooltips (<-- overstatement).

July 14 2008:
  • Fixed a bug where auctions on the homepage with a single quote ( ' ) in the user note did not display their tooltip.

July 12 2008:
  • In-game names now have to contain at least two words seperated by a space. This is only checked for new names entered. Old names can still be invalid.
  • Successful auctions will now be archived immediately after being marked traded in-game instead of a week later.

July 11 2008:
  • Fixed a bug where sold auctions were deleted after 14 days instead of being reset.
  • Modern auctions editor: Fixed a couple of bugs with the caret position after changing lines.
  • You can now request 14 days in addition to the standard 14 days to complete a trade. Both buyer and seller have to agree to this.

July 10 2008:
  • All html escaping is done in UTF-8 now. This allows for special characters like é, è, ë and ê which you can now use pretty much everywhere.
  • Modern auction editor: adding a new line will clone the colour of the old line
  • Modern auction editor: improved caret positioning when changing lines.
  • Added to Terms of Service:
    • Auctions, comments, shouts and any other form of public communication on this site will be limited to English.
  • Time left on auctions now always shows the time left until the next action is taken (e.g. deletion, expiring, reset) except for returned auctions. The time left should never be negative anymore, although -30 minutes could happen.

July 9 2008:
  • The modern auction editor will now let you swap lines by pressing [ctrl] + [up] or [down].
  • Changing lines by pressing [up] or [down] (withouth [ctrl]) in the modern auction editor will now place the caret at the same position it had in the previous line.

July 7 2008:
  • Minimum and maximum bids now work correctly with multiple items (e.g. "2 Assasin Tomes") in the same auction when searching the price records.

July 6 2008:
  • Improved the new auction editor. It will update correctly when pasting text in most modern browsers (IE7 and FF3 tested).
  • From now on you will get a completed transaction for auctions that you marked traded in-game and the other party did not, if the other party has 1 or less completed transactions.

July 5 2008:
  • You can now limit the Tracked auctions and My auctions list to a certain state (like open, expired, traded in-game).

July 2 2008:
  • New item editor added.
  • New category: Insignias.
  • Added insignias to the Quicklist.
  • Added insignia icons to the screenshot library.
  • Fixed the spelling of Assassin in the Quicklist (was: Assasin).

July 1 2008:
  • The shoutbox now shows up to 20 messages.
  • There is now a public shoutbox history.

June 30 2008:
  • Fixed: Item's with empty lines between non-empty lines were drawn incorrectly.
  • New setting: Receive email notifications. With this setting disabled, you will not receive any emails.

June 24 2008:
  • The list of price records is now sortable.
  • Editing auctions with no effects caused strange behaviour. Fixed.

June 23 2008:
  • Smilies are now only parsed if surrounded by a space (except at the beginning or end of a string) instead of any punctuation marks or spaces. This prevents parsing of partial smilies.
  • Fixed the display of tomes (they were too wide).
  • Price records are now public. You can use it to see what items sold for in the past. The data dates back to around 1 June.
  • You can now perform negated searches. This allows to search for words or phrases NOT being present. This also works with the wishlist. See "Search syntax" from the help section.
  • Extended the delayed closing to three hours.

June 22 2008:
  • Fixed an error with special characters like quotes showing up as html code.

June 19 2008:
  • When an amount of gold is represented by platinum and gold, the platinum is now formatted according to the writing style of the International System of Units (SI).

June 18 2008:
  • The Hall of Fame should now display correct in IE6.

June 17 2008:
  • Added Dye icons to the screenshot library.

June 14 2008:
  • Added Gemstone icons to the screenshot library.
  • Fixed the non-unqique weapons in the screenshot library to match auctions with a known prefix and/or suffix.

June 13 2008:
  • Added two new states at "Tracked auctions" and "My auctions" for auctions that one of the parties marked as traded.

June 12 2008:
  • Added some missing unique daggers to the Quicklist and fixed a few errors with some unique bows.

June 11 2008:
  • The shoutbox will now inform you that we are not a private server if your message appears to be related to private servers.
  • Added non-unique Dagger screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Hammer screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Shield screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Spear screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Scythe screenshots to the screenshot library (very incomplete).
  • Added non-unique Staff screenshots to the screenshot library (very incomplete).
  • Added non-unique Focus Item screenshots to the screenshot library (very incomplete).
  • Added non-unique Wand screenshots to the screenshot library (very incomplete).

June 10 2008:
  • Added non-unique Sword screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Axe screenshots to the screenshot library.
  • Added non-unique Bow screenshots to the screenshot library.

June 5 2008:
  • The Hall of Fame now shows the 5 best (instead of 3) and has a more organized list.

June 4 2008:
  • Fixed all Quicklist entries "of ...Slaying" to show "Dmg +20%" instead of "Damage +20%".

June 3 2008:
  • Fixed the captchaa at registering.
  • Fixed a lot of entries in the Quicklist that mistakenly contained "damage:" instead of "Dmg:".
  • Fixed a slow loading issue caused session handling.

June 2 2008:
  • Since yesterday, deleted unread messages still showed up in the menu as new messages. Fixed.
  • Browsing pages at Tracked auctions didn't work. Fixed.
  • In-game names are now listed at "My auctions" just like the tracked auctions list.

June 1 2008:
  • You can now delete messages in your outbox. They will not be deleted when the recipient deletes them.
  • Replying to a message in your outbox will now send a message to the recipient instead of yourself.
  • Viewing a message from your in or outbox will now show the recipient.
  • The tracked auctions page now shows the seller instead of amount of bids, comments and the date of the last bid.

May 30 2008:
  • Changed the dropdown lists at creating/editing auctions to look better and to clarify their purpose.
  • Fixed saving/loading backups and generating/loading codes at "Create auction". The buyout platinum and gold field were swapped.

May 28 2008:
  • Added a tooltip to the shoutbox to prevent people from using it as the search function.

May 27 2008:
  • Corrected Claws of the Broodmother in the Quicklist.

May 25 2008:
  • Cronjobs executing too late caused some auctions to expire early. A check has been added to prevent this.
  • Auctions that should have expired, but didn't yet because of a late cronjob are not listed in the search result any more.

May 24 2008:
  • Delayed closing implemented: If a bid is made during the final hour of an auction, it will run for atleast another hour.

May 23 2008:
  • There is now a maximum number of auctions you can bid on per hour. You can still bid unlimited on those auctions, but not on any new for an hour.
  • Following URLs from a user's profile no longer opens a new window or tab. You can still do this by using the middle mouse button (the scroller) to click the link in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Fixed the Dynamic Signature page. It still had problems with the rewrite mod.
  • Fixed the display of time left on auctions. It was capped at minutes, it should have been capped at hours.

May 22 2008:
  • Changed the system to have auctions close every hour instead of every 12 hours.

May 21 2008:
  • Corrected the screenshot library entry for "Bowstring". It was incorrectly named "Bow String".
  • The backup and code system for adding auctions will correctly save the opening bid and buyout again.
  • Added "Armor: [...]" to the auto complete list.
  • Fixed the email notifying you of an auction being sold. From "Auction sold : :" to "Auction sold:".
  • Lowered the sensitivity of the shoutbox spam filter.

May 20 2008:
  • Guests are no longer bothered with the vote image. They're unlikely to vote anyway.
  • Sorting auctions on user will now sort it alphabetical, instead of on user id.

May 10 2008:
  • You are now also notified of comments on auctions that you commented on (can be turned off at the user settings).

May 8 2008:
  • Changed wishlist notifications from "New Item: {Item Name}" to "New Auction: {Item Name}".

May 8 2008:
  • Item notifications (for the wishlist) now include the item name in the title.
  • Wishlist entries will be deleted if your account has been inactive for a month.

May 7 2008:
  • You will no longer be notified of items on your wishlist that are relisted.

May 6 2008:
  • Reverted the minimum bid increase to 5% of the current bid.

May 2 2008:
  • Added a wishlist browser.
  • 3rd year miniatures added to the Quicklist.

April 27 2008:
  • Fixed an error caused when adding auctions with a user note exceeding 200 characters.
  • Added a counter to fields with a maximum length to show how many characters you used.
  • Added the unique Deldrimor weapons to the Quicklist.
  • Added the screenshots of the unique Deldrimor weapons to the screenshot library.

April 21 2008:
  • Improved the way special characters are handled by the message system.
  • Added a checkbox for DST to the user settings.

April 20 2008:
  • Added a tiny design for dynamic signatures.

April 19 2008:
  • Added a field to the profile for users two write anything they like (as long as the terms of service permit it).
  • Fixed Magmus' Staff in the Quicklist.
  • Added two small designs for dynamic signatures.

April 18 2008:
  • Added a page on titles to the help section.
  • Banned users will now have the title "Banned" and a credibility of 0.
  • Shoutbox widened to show more text at the same time.

April 17 2008:
  • Improved dynamic signatures.

April 13 2008:
  • Fixed a few errors in the Quicklist.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting auctions on time left, caused by DST.

April 9 2008:
  • Enhanced credibility system performance in relation to the dynamic signatures.

April 8 2008:
  • Dynamic signatures changed to have a normal image extension.

April 7 2008:
  • Dynamic signatures added.

April 6 2008:
  • Forums officialy opened.

April 2 2008:
  • Second and third best are now shown in the hall of fame.
  • Split the opening bid and buyout field into two fields each. One for platinum and one for gold. It is still possible to enter the amount using the gold field only (3000g works the same as 3p).
  • You can now untrack items that have been traded in-game.
  • Fixed a bug where the lower left corner had a white background for item previews. This sneaked in yesterday.

March 29 2008:
  • Chatbox will graduatly reduce server load after inactivity.

March 28 2008:
  • Upgraded shoutbox to chatbox.
  • Added a shoutbox.
  • The vote button will now only be visible if you haven't voted for 12 hours.

March 26 2008:
  • Removed the vote popup. It was simply to annoying.

March 23 2008:
  • Added a Hall of Fame.

March 18 2008:
  • A bid now has to be a minimum of 250g or 5% higher than the last bid. Whichever is more.

March 17 2008:
  • A bid now has to be a minimum of 100g and has to be 100g or 5% higher than the last bid. Whichever is more.
  • The link to give feedback is replaced by a button for visibility.
  • After confirming an item has been traded in-game, you will be prompted to give feedback if you haven't done so already.
  • You can now have your auctions run from 1 to 14 days.
  • When an auction is sold, you will no longer be notified of both the bid being placed, and the auction being sold. Instead, you will only be notified of the auction being sold.

March 15 2008:
  • Increased maximum size of feedback to 255 characters.

March 11 2008:
  • Found a new font that seems to match perfectly with the actual font used in GW.
  • Added two missing inscriptions to the Quicklist.
  • Improved autocomplete patterns for item names.

March 8 2008:
  • Fixed automatic case correction to leave "of the" in lowercase.

March 6 2008:
  • Started validating XHTML. Most is valid.
  • Auctions sorted on state will now show succesfully traded auctions as last.
  • Layout changed to not contract below 1000 pixels wide.

March 5 2008:
  • Replaced many tables by div's. Blame the standards troll.

March 4 2008:
  • Improved automatic case correction on item names. It no longer turns [Black] into [black]
  • Fixed the new case correction. It no longer turns Murukai's into Murukai'S.

March 3 2008:
  • Auctions sorted on time left will show auctions with more bids first.

March 2 2008:
  • Added a notice that will show every twelve hours to ask you to vote.
  • Significantly improved draw speed in IE7.

March 1 2008:
  • Resistance is futile! The new auto complete system is now operational. Press F5 if you notice no change.

February 28 2008:
  • Made a totally new auto completion system, and canned it again thanks to IE. I'll continue developing it.

February 27 2008:
  • Sorting on state in "Tracked auctions" or "My auctions" will sort it on state first, amount of bids second, and item name third.

February 26 2008:
  • Feedback system added. You can give feedback about a seller/buyer when you won/sold an item. To do this, simply go to the item page and click "Give feedback about this seller/buyer".

February 25 2008:
  • Auctions are now kept one week after they have been marked traded ingame by the buyer and seller.

February 24 2008:
  • Added a new option to the wishlist: Maximum price.
  • Fixed a rare bug where an item was created withouth image (this happend about 4 times in total).

February 23 2008:
  • Added titles. They are based on the total amount of items bought and sold, and the ratio between those two.

February 22 2008:
  • Improved handling of items that were sold before they expired (buy-out or accepted bid).
  • "My auctions" and "Tracked auctions" are now sorted on state by default. It can still be changed by clicking on a different header.

February 21 2008:
  • Layout is once again completly IE6 compatible. Including "Hide menu".
  • Browsing auctions by day will now respect the time zone settings.
  • Auto completion will now correct capitals when a suggestion is accpeted by pressing Tab, Enter or the right arrow key.

February 20 2008:
  • Sorting your auctions or tracked auctions on state will now sort as follows: Returned, sold, expired, open. Clicking the header again will invert that order.
  • 10 seconds flood control added to several forms, to prevent double posting data.
  • Dedicated miniatures added to Quicklist.

February 19 2008:
  • Changed "Bow String" in Quicklist to "Bowstring".
  • Wishlist appeared to be broken. Fixed. In addition, you will also be notified of relisted auctions, not just new auctions.

February 17 2008:
  • Fixed password recovery.
  • Replaced some screenshots in the screenshot library.

February 16 2008:
  • Auto complete added to create/edit auction forms. This can be turned off at the user settings.
  • Auctions that weren't sold within two weeks were removed instead of reset. Fixed.

February 15 2008:
  • Added images in table headers and a different background in sorted rows to visualize how the data is sorted.
  • Browsing search results by day will now sort them descending by date added.
  • Unique focus items added to Quicklist.
  • Missing non-perfect unique wands added to Quicklist.

February 14 2008:
  • Added an option to select your time zone.
  • Inscription icons are now linked to the type of inscription (Weapons, Martial Weapons, Offhands, etc).

February 13 2008:
  • Expanded screenshot library with inscription icons.

February 12 2008:
  • Moved "Write comment" section to the top of comments.

February 10 2008:
  • When auctions expire, you will now get one message that lists them all, instead of a message for every acution. This is only for auctions that expired withouth a bid on them.
  • Added Miniature Celestial Pig and Rat to Quicklist.

February 9 2008:
  • Corrected damage on unique hammers in the Quicklist (from "Blunt damage 19-35" to "Blunt Dmg: 19-35").

February 8 2008:
  • Unique Wands added to Quicklist.

February 7 2008:
  • Leading and trailing spaces will be removed from item names.

February 5 2008:
  • Wishlist fixed: You are no longer notified when either the name or description matches. Only if they both do.
  • Allowed exclemation mark in item name (for inscriptions).
  • Added inscription "Serenity Now" to Quicklist.
  • Fixed inscriptions in Quicklist to attach to the proper items.
  • When adding or editing auctions, only the actual input fields will take focus. The descriptions no longer will.
February 4 2008:
  • Some missing unique staves added to Quicklist. There could be more.

February 3 2008:
  • Unique Staves added to Quicklist.

January 31 2008:
  • You will be notified when someone comments on an auction that you're tracking. This can be turned off at the user settings.
  • Resized big library screenshots. Press F5 if old screenshots show up.
January 29 2008:
  • Expanded screenshot library with unqiue weapons from all chapters.
  • New category: Consumables
  • Fixed mail problem.
  • Fixed layout in IE6. Hide menu still bugged in IE6.
  • Expanded screenshot library with Key and Tome icons.

January 28 2008:
  • New feature: Screenshot library.
  • Expanded screenshot library with upgrade component icons.

January 27 2008:
  • Tomes added to Quicklist.
  • Improved automatic auction correction. All leading and trailing spaces are trimmed and inscriptions will now have proper case. Also improved the existing scripts and added new correction rules.

January 26 2008:
  • New feature: Returned auctions. To keep the list of auctions clean, moderators can now return auctions to the sender for editing. When one of your auctions is returned, you have to edit the auction (following the moderator's advice) and it will be shown again. Be carefull though, if you don't follow the advice you can get an account mark.
  • Maximum characters changed to 10000 for messages and reports (not comments).

January 25 2008:
  • Fixed font kerning for g[space] on rendered images.
  • Suffix upgrade components added to Quicklist. Upgrade components complete.

January 24 2008:
  • Main layout changed from table to div system. This allows for a hideable menu with fixed width.

January 23 2008:
  • Prefix upgrade components added to Quicklist.

January 21 2008:
  • Inscriptions added to Quicklist.
  • Added the possibility to browse search results by day.

January 20 2008:
  • Unique Shields added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Flatbows added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Hornbows added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Recurve Bows added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Shortbows added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Longbows added to Quicklist.

January 19 2008:
  • Unique Spears added to Quicklist.
  • Unique Scythes added to Quicklist.
  • Statistics now show amount of members and guests, instead of members only.

January 5 2008:
  • You no longer get notified when you comment on your own auction.

December 28 2007:
  • Unique Daggers added to Quicklist.
  • Missing non-perfect unique Swords, Axes, Hammers and Daggers added to Quicklist.

December 27 2007:
  • Fixed "Hide menu" function. The menu will no longer reappear smaller after hiding it in Firefox.

December 25 & 26 2007:
  • Christmas!

December 24 2007:
  • Fixed \n in Auction Comment notifications.
  • Unique Hammers added to Quicklist.

December 23 2007:
  • Quicklist will show text in the currently selected color.
  • Unique Axes added to Quicklist.

December 22 2007:
  • Unique Swords added to Quicklist.

December 18 2007:
  • You are no longer notified when you outbid yourself.

December 17 2007:
  • Fixed bug caused by preventing bids higher than the buy-out (you couldn't bid when there was no buy-out).

December 16 2007:
  • It is now impossible to bid higher than the buy-out.
  • Money traded through the site displayed on homepage.

December 15 2007:
  • Up/down arrows added for effects when creating auctions.
  • Auction-to-code system improved (and fixed).
  • Runes added to Quicklist.

December 12 2007:
  • Item type lists reorganized.
  • Dye added to Quicklist.

December 11 2007:
  • Captcha added for registering.
  • Fixed pages in outbox.

December 9 2007:
  • Keys added to Quicklist.
  • Miniatures added to Quicklist.

December 8 2007:
  • Smilie input script now sets the cursor after the added smilie, instead of at the end of a field.
  • Account activation deactivated due to continuing email problems. All non-actiavted accounts activated.
  • Quicklist started, system functional. Database to be build.

December 7 2007:
  • All remaining links changed.

December 6 2007:
  • Simplified links in menu. The rest of the site will folow.

December 5 2007:
  • Fixed item type and expire time not being updated when saving/loading from a code.

December 4 2007:
  • Wishlist added!

November 27 2007:
  • Items have a capped width now, just as in the game. Extreme wide auctions were causing the site to look weird.

November 24 2007:
  • The images are now rendered once when the item is created or edited instead of everytime someone wants to see the item. This reduces bandwidth and loading time due to caching. To prevent caching old incorrect data, the name of the image is changed everytime the auction is edited.

November 23 2007:
  • Items are now rendered as image. It looks more like the item in-game and you can show the auction on other sites.

November 22 2007:
  • Added bid history. See who made what bid when for every item.
  • Uploaded images will be scaled down if they're to large.

November 21 2007:
  • Changed the layout slightly on adding/editing auctions.
  • Fixed backslashes in emails.

November 14 2007:
  • Updated auto correction. Also fixes case in item names and sets right amount of spaces around the characters - + and :
  • Fixed coloured lines. They where sometimes still shown as white, even tough they shouldn't.
  • Fixed empty lines below buttons in IE.

November 13 2007:
  • Changed the "Damage/Effect/Description" option for adding auctions to "White/Coloured/Grey".

November 12 2007:
  • Searching was broken. Fixed now.
  • Changed the line type (damage/effect/description) to colours (white/item's colour/grey).
  • The minimum bid sometimes was shown 1 gold to low because of a rounding error, so bidding the shown minimum wouldn't be accepted.
  • Fixed auto correction. Empty descriptions are no longer put between brackets.
  • You will be notified when someone comments on your auction.
  • The minimum bid sometimes was shown 1 gold to low because of a rounding error, so bidding the shown minimum wouldn't be accepted.

November 11 2007:
  • Added some auto correction when auctions are added.

November 10 2007:
  • Changed Help section to show one item at a time. Also updated help on addding auctions (special thanks to Smurf Minions).
  • Added a dropdown menu in the main menu for browsing different catagories. It was already possible, but this might make it faster for you.
  • Added a more visible notification when you got new messages.

November 9 2007:
  • Fixed browsing auction pages. Item type and colour was lost when switching pages.
  • Improved listing routines. Should slightly increase performance.
  • Automaticly expand search options again when there are no results.
  • User settings page fixed. The page couldn't load.
  • "Upgrade Component" and "Uses remaining" is now always showed in white.
  • Inscriptions names are now always white, and the effect will always be blue.
  • The "Received Confrimation" mail was sent to the seller. It will be sent to the buyer from now on.
  • Some line breaks weren't shown in mails.

November 8 2007:
  • Added "Upgrade Component" item type.
  • System added to find duplicate accounts.
  • Opening bid must be atleast 1g.
  • Smilies are now parsed case-insensative.
  • Messages older than 2 weeks are deleted to save space.
  • More specific error messages added for wrong input data.

November 7 2007:
  • Added an "auction code" system. See "Adding an auction" under the help page for more details.
  • Added transfer prices for ectos and shards. They can be set when an auction is created (or edited).
  • Fixed <br /> tags in IGN email.
  • Emails updated. (It's late tough, if you spot any errors, mail the webmaster)

November 6 2007:
  • Updated "Tracked auctions" to allow untracking multiple items at once.
  • Added the possibility to save the "Add auctions" form in a cookie, to load it later.
  • After an item has been sold for a week, but not traded in-game, seller and buyer will be reminded of the auction. When it has been sold for two weeks, bid data will be removed and the auction can be relisted. If it isn't within another week, it will be removed.

November 5 2007:
  • Updated "My auctions" to allow relisting multiple items at once.

November 4 2007:
  • Updated Terms of Service. Please read.
  • User profiles will be opened in popups now.
  • Staff page added.
  • More information added to random auction on homepage.
  • Expired auctions are no longer counted as running auctions in the profile.

November 3 2007:
  • RSS feed improved.
  • Improved URLs on items. Special thanks to Gelfdon.
  • Long unbroken comments will be broken automaticly.
  • Updated DNS server to prevent future blacklisting.

November 1 2007:
  • Fixed "Hide menu" in Internet Explorer.
  • Migrated to PHP 5.

October 31 2007:
  • "Time left" calculation fixed for auctions.
  • RSS feed fixed to include item name for extended auctions.

October 30 2007:
  • Latest auction shown on homepage.
  • Help section expanded.

October 29 2007:
  • Help section added. Can be expanded in the future.
  • Contact link added (points to help section).
  • Collapsable menu added.

October 28 2007:
  • RSS feed finsihed. See the orange icon in the menu.
  • Behaviour for editing auctions fixed. Also updates RSS feed.

October 27 2007:
  • Changelog started
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